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Our projects : Clinique St Jean de Montpellier

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Hello everyone!
Today we have the pleasure to share you a new project that we just have finished! It is a rehabilitation pool installed in the Clinique St Jean de Montpellier, in the Cabinet K Clinic. More precisely, it is a custom made pool of 4m by 3m with hydromassages, jet lance and a counter-current swimming.

We wish a successful continuation to the Cabinet K Clinic, which has renewed its trust with this second pool.

Our services

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We are back with our serie about our products with this new article : the services around our products.

It is important to precise right now that there are two categories of services : the one that are automatically included in the price of the equipments and the one with an additional cost.

First, when you want to work with our teams, we are fully available and invested in your project. Beforehand, we afford you our expertise to find the best equipment according your need and specification. Then our technicians install your equipments and also the junctions to your different grids. Once the works are done, we train your technicians and any other professional to use the equipments. An extra care is put on the preventive maintenance during the training.

All these services are included in the purchase of any Somethy Technologie equipment. The longevity of the products is a priority for us and giving you the right keys of success is necessary.

Then, to improve your experience and ensure the right conservation of the equipments in a durable way, we offer another option : the maintenance contract.

The maintenance contract with Somethy Technologie is a yearly subscription for all our clients. This contract enable one of our technicians to do the preventive maintenance for you on all your installations. It means that a technician would come to your place in order to do a complete check up and look at the components of the equipment. You decide of the number of visits per year (1 to 3 visits). Each year, we would set the dates together. Also, this contract is available through the life of the equipment, which means you can take this option later on and at any stage of the life of the product.