International acknowledgement

Born in 1978 in Montpellier (France), the European capital of medicine, SOMETHY TECHNOLOGIE received the Mérite for the hydrotherapy development given by the International Institute for Promotion and Prestige in Geneva. This award puts SOMETHY TECHNOLOGIE at the ranking of the companies the most competitive of the globe.

Outcome of hard work

The International Institute for Promotion and Prestige in Geneva is an organisation included in the UNESCO. It has the function to select companies that are the most efficient, the most deserving of the globe and promote their products. Every year, only some companies are rewarded. And over time, companies as prestigious as the NASA, IBM, the Pierre and Marie CURIE Institut end up working with smaller companies but as dynamic as them. SOMETHY TECHNOLOGIE had this chance to benefit from that by receiving an award from Professor Claude-Jacques WILLARD (expert for the UNESCO and member of the international selection committee) with several politic and economic leaders of Languedoc-Roussillon department. This award is the result of the hard work of a whole team and was the company’s goal. SOMETHY TECHNOLOGIE’s team members from every department (R&D, Production, Marketing and Communication, Supply Chain etc.) participated in the development of this ancestral technique : hydrotherapy. And the results were beyond hope.


Result of long years of field experience with the most demanding professionals, the SOMETHY TECHNOLOGIE’s method shine by its consistency :

  • Pursuing a complicated goal like transforming the hydrotherapy and medical techniques to a true art of living,
  • Watching the real needs, but also clients’ expectation,
  • Executing the technical and commercial teams’ expertise,
  • Studying the professionals’ behaviour in front of our products,
  • Finding the arguments which will make SOMETHY TECHNOLOGIE the best interlocutor (competent and available teams, product efficiency, device performance),
  • Asking to researcher, inventors, smart creators aware of extraordinary technologies and methods,
  • Proving the product performance by sharing the company’s expertise.

Our training courses

• Training courses for your medical teams in thalassotherapy, spa or thermalism. To optimise the chances to succeed in the field of wellness care, we offer a large choice of trainings and/or refresher courses done exclusively by our certified partners.

• Continuing education of your technical teams : it is essential and is done in your building or directly in our factories. This second possibility is preferred because it gives more precise pieces of information and allows the technical team to know themselves better and after to discuss better.