Our customer service

An essential point

As you could notice, we had the pleasure to show you SOMETHY TECHNOLOGIE’s values, technologies, methods and products. Now it is necessary to present our customer service because every single product needs additional help and support for any problem. To help you to use our products the most efficient way, we will make sure that a competent technician assists you.

Our services :

  • In the case you conclude an agreement or bought directly to us, one of our technicians will assist you. They are present anywhere in metropolitan France and will drive to your location. A good assistance contributes to a good reputation.
  • In the case you bought our equipments from an authorised dealer or a supplier, you have to contact their customer services.
  • In the case the equipment is not in France, we can train your own technicians. They are two possibilities: train your technicians in our premises following a precise schedule OR train your technicians during the installation of the equipments. (See the conditions with our Export Service)