The rigidity, the electrical actuator, the pivoting rear wheels (diameter : 125 mm) give the possibility of installing a person of 130 kg without any effort and transporting him anywhere.

The wheels of small diameter, at the front, are doubled in order to reinforce their rolling ability with a charge while keeping access to all the medical equipments (distance from the floor to the top of the base : 110 mm).

Les pieds de l’embase dont l’écartement minimal est de 470 mm (facilitant le passage des huisseries étroites) peuvent facilement être écartés, à l’aide d’un levier, afin d’augmenter la stabilité de l’appareil pendant les transferts (écartement maximal de 920 mm).

The arm of lifting gives the possibility of placing the straps on different angles thanks to the position of the arm. It is activated by an electrical actuator powered by a rechargeable battery. Its range of motion goes from 550 mm to 1650 mm of height between the floor and the bottom of the hook. This range gives the possibility of picking someone on the ground up and it can lift a person to maximum 1,000 mm from the ground.

A portable control panel controls the lift. Easy to use, it also can be given to the patient for the lifting in order to calm him down.