Balneotherapy baths

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Design and pure lines, it is an invitation to the optimum relaxation. Its design reminds the fetal state.

The balneotherapy bath and the acrylic body are thermoformed for a better harmony in the overall look. Different sizes to adapt to the patient’s size – 2 possibilities : 0.58 m hips width for THALIA STANDARD and 0.76 m for THALIA XXL.

Easy access with a handle integrated into the edge of the bath, so does the step. For extra security, the bottom of the bath has a non-slip cover. Its shapes optimizes the massage of the inner side of the thighs.


The angular relief of the balneotherapy bath enables to put two adjustable hydrotherapy systems for the neck massage.

A seat is integrated in the design of the bath so the patient is not directly against the walls of the bath. It comes with a neck cushion and adjustable footrest. Automatic disinfection AND/OR automatic rinse.

All of our baths are made with a direct casing with all the access peripherals. So all the components of the bath are completely removable and cleanable.

The control of the bath goes through a desk ULTRA, 5 automatic treatment programs with the possibility of editing new ones. Sequential scans or analytics. It includes an assisted diagnosis in contact with SOMETHY TECHNOLOGIE’s technical team. This new tool eases the training of the employees and the after sales team.

The nozzles and injectors are suitable to sea water, thermal water and aggressive water.

Equipments on the high-end model

Hydromassages on 11 areas : (neck area x 2, back x 12, lumbar area with the SUPRAMASS, shoulders x 8, celbows x 6, hips x 14, thighs x 18, calves x 8, inner side of lower limb x 10, anckles x 8, foot archs x 12) so in total 96 injectors of hydromassage + 2 adjustable hydromassage nozzles for the neck with valve to control the flow + 94 impacts created by SUPRAMASS ROTATIF (giant hydrojet with moves within a cercle while spinning on itself for a vigorous massage)
– Mix of air and water (aqua-aero)
– 60 emissions of aerobaths
– Ozone
– Lance of manual jet with 3 interchangeable treatment nozzles
– Aromatherapy
– Colortherapy