Transfer system

Transfer system SOLIFT

Essential working tool for reduced mobility care department, the SOLIFT facilitates the daily activity of the nursing staffs. Its big handiness is due to 4 roulettes with double bandage and with big handles of conduct.
Multi-purpose tool, its accessories (chair and stretcher) are perfectly symetric and allow a use to the right or to the left, according to the preferences of the patient or the architectural constraints of the site. It is enough to choose the location of the case or the headrest.

Its amplitude of lifting allows to obtain a real collection on the ground, effortlessly, as well as an exceptional total rise capable of overcoming all the types of obstacle (walls of bathtubs, therapeutic beds).


Completely knockdown, its maintenance is easy and the filling of its seat is protected by a cover in welded PVC, guaranteeing a perfect waterproofness and a sustainability without defect.

An electronic system tests permanently the load of the battery and a sound witness warns the lack of energy.

To increase the safety of use, it is impossible to run the SOLIFT when it is loaded.

The indicator light of the charger acts as witness of load.

Nursing refreshed in case of dangerous operation, of an « EMERGENCY » button stopping the rotation of the worm of the SOLIFT.


Universal transfer system

The daily care and patients’ transfers are such additional efforts for the watching staff. The system of universal transfer SOLIFT comes just at the right moment to facilitate their task by favoring the comfort and the safety of the patients.
Epoxy protection, solidly anchored on a mobile frame in metallic foundry treated epoxy is constituted by a stiff mast in stainless steel.

The hook of anchoring has a surprising run of lifting (93 cms of amplitude) so allowing a collection the easy ground, but also a large number of types of transfers (bath, bed, TOILETS, table of massage) in complete safety.

The case of remote control authorizing a perfect management of the patient, with a permanent contact.
On the hook of anchoring, we shall arrange in the choice the chair of transfer TRANSIT or the articulated folding stretcher TRANSCARD.

The problems of adaptation to the handicap, of arrangement, material compatibility are so resolved in a simple and effective way.

A battery(drum kit) with fast load returns the perfectly available and autonomous SOLIFT throughout the day.