Integra medical pools

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At first made for the medical and physical rehabilitation world, that remains the main users of the SOMETHY medical pools, they are now also used for water activities such as baby swim, aquabuilding, aquastretching, heart training, and exercises.

You can make your pool built on your own requirements with our ALPHA kit, that includes 27 different pool sizes. All our options are made to meet your requirements and also your budget. “Confort”, “Passerelles”, “Skimmer or overflow gutters filtering and heating systems”, “Basic or Medium control board”, Hydromassages, Upstream swim, Manual spray, Visio panels and more!

When you choose SOMETHY you choose quality, professionalism and flexibility. We are working for more than 34 years at the service of Hydrotherapy.

Integra medical pools

Flagship of SOMETHY’s productions, the modular INTEGRA medical pool made of acrylic is perfectly designed for indoor use, with a water temperature above 30°C.

Its exclusive 100% acrylic interior facing, which we have been using for more than 20 years, has proven its exceptionnal quality. Not only because of its easy cleaning process, it can endure high temperatures without any notable effects on its structure. It is normalised, and has a health and safety label. Compared to other pool finishing materials, it is resistant to : limescale (compared to tilling), osmosis (compared to polyester), and distension (compared to liners). Furthermore, our unic manufacturing process gives the INTEGRA medical pool a high level of heat insulation. The pool is made up with modular panels, installation process does not imply heavy alteration to existant premises.

Regarding your size requirements, SOMETHY gives you the opportunity to choose between 27 models, from 6 to 64m² (inside dimensions).


Founded in 1978 in Montpellier (France), SOMETHY aims at researching, manufacturing and improving hydrotherapy equipments. After 3 years of researches and testings regarding different finishing materials, the first modular pools made of acrylic were installed in 1982, and we are proud to ensure to our customers that our equipment is LONG LASTING. Indeed, 95% of our first pools are still being in service today, more than 30 years after!! Our technology is today used by the most renowned centers throughout the world, our knowledges are recognised and unchallendged.


The “ESPACE” and “INTEGRA” pools can be fitted with one or more viewing panels on the same side. These transparent panels have a significant thickness, able to resist to the strong water pressure. They are perfectly integrated to the pool walls by an ingenious assembling of acrylic and projeted composite materials. It allows the perfect control on the way the underwater exercise is performed, without any loss of visibility nor distortion.


Among the several advantages that shows our INTEGRA medical pool, there is one in particular that is interesting to highlight. POWER SAVING. Acrylic’s “K” coefficient is 0.16, that means its insulating capacity is 9 times more efficient that concrete.


POOLIFT patient lifts are the last links in the SOMETHY’s transfert process. The system developped by the french manufacturer is made to lift the patient from his bed or even from the ground, and carry him to the hydrotherapy room without being handled. The patient will be transferred from a dry environment (bedroom or corridor) to a wet zone (shower or pool) without any risk for hygien or safety. Please see yourself below:

Manufacturing process (Somethy patent)

INTEGRA medical pool installation is based on your requirements. Embedded, half embedded or directly on the ground. The “above ground” otpion allows you to have the VISIO panel, which is very useful for observing movements.

Another important feature of our manufacturing process is that, even after several years of use, the pool can be dismantled and installed again in another hydrotherapy place. It’s a great advantage if you move to another premises. Whatever the size and the options, every SOMETHY medical pool is built following the same manufacturing process.

Side panels are made with acrylic material that is reinforced by composite. They are assembled on a base that is set on a rot-proof sheets 80mm thick which is fully insulated from the floor. This thickness also gives the advantage to place the draining device at the bottom of the pool, which is not often the case with competitor’s products.

The side panels and the base are assembled with stainless steel bolts and a specific seal that ensures watertightness.Counterbalancing bands made on measure and a stainless steel 316L or composite material rim overflow gutter increase the overall rigidity.

Once assembled, the medical pool will be fitted with the various options you have chosen.

Patient lifter POOLIFT

The patient lifters POOLIFT are the last links of the grand chain of transfer at SOMETHY TECHNOLOGIE. Indeed, the system developed by the French producer enables to take the patient from his bed (even from the floor) and to accompany him without any manipulation until the water. It goes from a dry area (the bedroom then the corridors of the centre) to a wet area (the shower, around the pool) without putting at risk the hygiene and the safety at any moment.
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Produits complémentaires

Bicyclette immergeable

Bicyclette immergeable

Destinée à favoriser le mouvement, la musculation et réentrainement à l'effort

Chaise à hauteur variable

Chaise à hauteur variable

réglable sur 3 hauteurs, facilement amovible, elle sert de base au travail ou au repos

Poste hydrotonic

Poste hydrotonic

Facilement déplaçable, il permet un travail ou le baigneur peut se maintenir, s’appuyer ou effectuer des mouvements tout en se cantonnant dans un périmètre d’activité contrôlable

Col de cygne

Col de cygne

Véritable accessoire d’animation visuelle, il sera utile pour les massages externes ou en trombes d’eau selon le réglage choisi

Massage cervicales

Massage cervicales

à utiliser en règle générale sous faible pression