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Every single SOMETHY TECNOLOGIE’s pool owns the CE label as the French law requires. “Directive du Conseil n°73/23/CEE modifié par la directive 93/68/CEE du 27/07/93, transcrit en droit français par le décret n° 95-1081 du 03/10/95 et répondant aux normes : NF EN 60-335-1/NF EN 60-335-2-60 et amendements A51 – A52 – A53.”

For a long time, Kinépool exclusively was used by medical purposes and by functional rehabilitation and reeducation department, which still use SOMETHY TECHNOLOGIE’s medical pools. But now it is used for aquatic activities : “swimming babies, aquabuilding, aquastretching” and also personal training, cardio-training and recovery. You would have the choice between 6 Kinépool models.

Choosing a SOMETHY TECHNOLOGIE’s medical pool, it is choosing rigour and professionalism of a French producer to the service of hydrotherapy for more than 30 years.

Medical pool Kinépool

Kinépool pools can be installed in your existing premises, without heavy works, thanks to the modular structure of the pool.

Kinépool is composed with acrylic panels reinforced with stratification. The colour of the inside and exterior : White; and grey legs. It is necessary to highlight the fact the pools are fully removable and build them at another location without any problem even after several years of usage.

Our production process gives Kinépool a high thermal insulation.

Insulating floor in reinforced acrylic with fibreglass, placed on an insulating base in high density polystyrene (80 mm thick), with a basin plug for an optimal drainage from the bottom.
Some self-compensating arches ensuring a self-supporting structure.

Wide edge (50 cm), made of white PVC.
External access staircase in composite to receive the machinery.
Internal underwater ladder in stainless steel with handrail.

Filtration : with mixed hydraulicity where the water is drained from the bottom (30%) and from the top (70%) with skimmer filtration. The water is treated by a filtration unit of 22m³/h with isolation valve of the various elements. Sand filter of 800 mm diameter.

Most of European standards impose to filter the water within an hour and a half, we have chosen oversize our equipments in order to do the filtration in less than an hour. This choice permits to obtain a perfect guarantee of hygiene and safety during cares.

Heat : electric heater with a security thermostat. For the models of 2 x 3 m to 3 x 4 m: heater of 3 kW, for the other models : a heater of 3 kW and one of 6 kW.

Hydromassages by a massage pump 4 Cv feeding 4 hydromassges seatings. 1 diverter valve by a group of 2 nozzles in order to optimise the seatings.

ACCESSORIES : surface landing net, brush vaccum at the bottom, cleaning kit (cleaning and disinfection).

IN OPTION : automatic system to correct and adjust the chlorine and pH levels, delivered with 2 cans of 60 L and 2 retention tanks, sanitary booklet (in this case anticipate an adapted and separated technical premise).



Highest level of water : 1.45 m.
Height beneath the ceiling : ideal 3.2 m – Minimum 2.8 m,
Floor load : 1.2 Kg/m²,
Distance between patients for a balneotherapy session : 2 m around one single patient.

Structure and construction

Produced by SOMETHY TECHNOLOGIE, the modular medical pool of balneotherapy in acrylic Kinépool is perfectly adapted for a use in an indoor environment with a water heated at 30°C or more. The pools are made with 100% acrylic which ease the maintenance and hygiene. It can resist to high temperature without any structure modification. It is standardised and possess sanitary label. Also by our production process, Kinépool has a high thermal insulation. The modular panels enable the junction of the medical pool in your premises without any major modification of the pool structure.

Concerning your needed dimensions, SOMETHY TECHNOLOGIE offers you a selection of 6 models from 6 to 15 m² (lower dimension). For larger dimensions or other equipments, please go to INTEGRA pool data sheet on our website.