Medical pool ESPACE

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For a long time, Espace exclusively was used by medical purposes and by functional rehabilitation and reeducation department, which still use SOMETHY TECHNOLOGIE’s medical pools. But now it is used for aquatic activities : “swimming babies, aquabuilding, aquastretching” and also personal training, cardio-training and recovery.

You have the freedom of composing your custom-made medical pool ; beside the “Alpha” kit which limit your choice of 27 models. According to your needs and budget, you will be able to see which kit would suit you better : “Confort, Passerelles, Heater filtration with skimmer or heater filtration with perimeter overflow chute, low, medium command, Hydromassages, upstream walking, manual jets, 2000, Visio”, and in addition a full catalogue of accessories.

Choosing a SOMETHY TECHNOLOGIE’s medical pool, it is choosing rigour and professionalism of a French producer to the service of hydrotherapy for more than 30 years.

Medical pool ESPACE

Flagship of the SOMETHY TECHNOLOGIE’s productions, the modular medical pool of balneotherapy in acrylic INTEGRA is perfectly adapted for a use in an indoor environment with a water heated at 30° or more.

The pools are made with 100% acrylic which ease the maintenance and hygiene. It can resist to high temperature without any structure modification. It is standardised and possess sanitary label. Other advantages : insensitive to calcification, to osmosis and to distension. Also by our production process, INTEGRA has a high thermal insulation. The modular panels enable the junction of the medical pool in your premises without any major modification of the pool structure.

Concerning your needed dimensions, SOMETHY TECHNOLOGIE offers you a selection of 27 models from 6 to 64 m² (lower dimension).


Medical pool – VISIO PANELS

The medical pool INTEGRA can be equipped with one or several clear panels on the same side.
These clear panels have a thickness big enough to support the important pressure. The panels are joined to the structure with acrylic and projected composite material.
They ease the control of the movements done by the patients without visibility loss nor deformation.


Between all the advantages of INTEGRA, there is one to point out : ENERGY SAVING. Indeed, the K coefficient of the acrylic is 0.16. For example, it is 9 times more isolating than concrete.

Structure and construction

INTEGRA is connected following your needs : fully built-in, semi built-in or aboveground. If you choose aboveground, you will be able to benefit clear panels VISIO used to control the movements of the patients underwater.
It is necessary to highlight the fact the pools are fully removable and build them at another location without any problem even after several years of usage.

No matter the model, SOMETHY TECHNOLOGIE’s medical pools follow the same principle.

The side panels in reinforced acrylic are attached to a bottom in acrylic which lays down on the ground by the intermediary of rotproof panels and very isolating with 80 mm thickness. This thickness enables the placement of a basin plug for an optimal drainage from the bottom.

All the panels are attached with stainless steel bolting and seal. Some self-compensating arches fitting the dimensions of your pool to ensure the rigidity helped with a perimeter overflow gutter in INOX 316L or composite materials.

The medical pool after will be equipped with the devices you have chosen.
This medical pool is evolutive which means you can always add features later on.

Patient lifters POOLIFT

The patient lifters POOLIFT are the last links of the grand chain of transfer at SOMETHY TECHNOLOGIE. Indeed, the system developed by the French producer enables to take the patient from his bed (even from the floor) and to accompany him without any manipulation until the water. It goes from a dry area (the bedroom then the corridors of the centre) to a wet area (the shower, around the pool) without putting at risk the hygiene and the safety at any moment.

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