Desinfection devices

The disinfection device for intense cleaning and/or disinfection of the floors and surfaces is perfect thanks for its quality and reliability.

The disinfection device is certificated and licensed : ACS (France), DVGW (Germany), SVGW (Switzerland), BELGAQUA (Belgium), KIWA (Holland). It avoids water waste and cleaning product waste which reduces the environmental impact while controlling your costs. The disposable plastic injector reduces the time of maintenance. It does not involve electricity and compressed air, but it is directly plugged in city water. Also, it has the option of using 2 products at the same time to optimise the cleaning time.


– The thermoformed PVC shell : ergonomic, aesthetic, robust, smooth surface.
– The Venturi 1 product : solid nickel brass body, resisting to 80°C, 3 points of
fixation, reinforced handle, smooth transition between cleaning and rinsing.
– The Venturi 2 products : traceability.
– The flap : in polypropylene, resisting to cleaning product, possible to completely disassemble it.
– The calibration nozzles : pocket of 14 colour nozzles which help to decide which concentration to use, clip on the flap.

Sombact +

We recommend to use SOMBACT + for your cleaning kit.
A reserve of 5 litres integrated in the bath VISION feeds the injection pump activated at the end of the bath.