Vichy Shower

AffuConcept & AffuCycle


The affusion lines AFFUCONCEPT with the tables MARINEMASS have adjustable height, in a HYDRAULIC or ELECTRIC version.
The main interest of AFFUCONCEPT is its low water flow, which enables you to do huge water and energy savings without impacting the quality of the treatment.


MURAL AFFUSION with camber, including :
Wall mounts VICTORIA in acrylic with a triple affusion line,
13 affusion diffusers with low water flow,
Deflector to protect the face,
Adjustable height without any effort,
Setting range of 55 cm.

MARINEMASS table – Comfort of the employee and Safety of the patient :
Massage table in stainless steel with camber, dimensions : 2170 mm x 780 mm,
Adjustable height from 60 to 90 cm.

Vichy shower, every single equipment can be equipped with a fresh water version with chrome showerhead and valves or with a thalasso/thermal water version in which the chrome is replaced with reinforced plastic.

About the 316L stainless steel of the structures, in both cases, they can be covered with Plastinox which ease the maintenance.

Both equipments also can receive removable and foldable side rail, including also an optional mattress with edge.


Affuconcept 1

• Optimisation of the cares
• Mural affusion in marine stainless steel, with a VICTORIA console, triple affusion line, 10 sprays with low water flow, adjustable height (large range) without any effort with sliding roller on a guide rail.
For the cleaning and sanitation, it is possible to inject the cleaning products in the ducts.

Affuconcept 2 with adjustable line with electric actuators of 24V

Traditional mural affusion with a steady height table.