A treatment in THEMA is unforgettable

Your choice

There are 6 versions of THEMA (Sopha, Agrea, Aspara, Adora, Olympia, Genia). Contact us to know which one suits you better.

Without any doubt, it is one of the baths the most optimal of its generation :
– Easy to access,
– Ergonomic comfort,
– Therapeutic versatility, etc.
are the reasons why it is the tool the most suitable for professionals of the health and for demanding amateurs.

Dome of contact which diffuse the impacts of the hydromassages, neck massages (Génia model or in option), central gorge to ease the access in and out of the bath, comfortable elevation of the legs, etc.. Everything was studied in order to improve the comfort in the bath.

Neck hydromassage, massage of the inner side of the legs, global massage by group, area, cycle or sequence, abdominal massage (in option), removable kits of draining or elements (superior and inferior).

A treatment in a THEMA is an unforgettable moment, which transforms instantly the stress of daily life into a total wellness.


Being the main French producer of hydrotherapy equipments represents a real advantage. The one of combining high technology and aesthetic, thanks to the thermoforming in numerous shapes and colours (solid, marbled, granite, etc.).
Contact our R&D department to conceive your new project.


2020 mm x 850 mm