Thalia allegro


Dimension : 2380 x 1200 x 890 mm – 363 L.

Access height to the bath 830 mm (step included)


Hydromassages + Aqua-aero + bubbling baths powered by the desk ACTION on the edge (possible to place it on a wall)
Hydromassages on 8 areas: back x 8, lumbar with SupraMass, shoulders x 8, hips x 8, thighs x 12, calves x 8, inner side of lower limbs x 8, archs x 12.

4 hydromassages injectors + 94 impacts generated by SupraMass Rotatif.
High flow polypropylene pump of massage 65 m³/h – adjustable pressure on the back area.

Sequential hydromassages on 4 groups with the possibility of stopping on a specific area.
Mix of air and water (Aqua-aero).

60 emissions of aerobath – Heat blower 1,2 Cv,
Chrome mixer with cascade filling and showerhead to rinse,
Thermoformed body in white acrylic,
Metalic chassis treated against the corrosion with 6 adjustable legs,
Built-in cushion for the neck,
Integrated disinfection cycle (tank and system),
Automatic draining Ø63 mm,
Alimentation 230 V (single-phase),
Colortherapy with multicoloured multi-LEDs and multi-LEDs on the side at the water line,
14 colours of the body and finish – all in acrylic,
Negative ionisation of the water,
Sonomarine equipments mp3 & mp4.