Thalasso Oxymer bath

Your choice

There are 6 versions of Oxymer (Style, Détente, Classic, Elégance, Select, Prestige). Contact us to know which model suits you better.
Award of excellence of the thalasso centres, fitness centres and beauty centres, this thalasso bath is appreciated for lymphatic and vascular drainage.
Slimming, phlebology or physical and mental relaxation…

Its scopes are multiple and its results are excellent in all sectors.
Very comfortable, with thermoformed armrests, elevation of the legs for a deep massage of the paraspinal muscles, hydromassage of the shoulders and arms, etc..

Oxymer became a classic of thalasso and thermal centres.
Fresh water or thalasso-thermal water, the accessories (valves, mixer taps, spouts, showerheads), like every SOMETHY TECHNOLOGIE’s bath, are made to last.

Different motorisations also are available in order to be adapted to our clients’ needs and constraints (thermal water, sea water, several pressure, etc.).


1950 mm x 860 mm