Muscle relaxation: anti-stress, anti-fatigue, anti-depression.

Sweating: elimination of toxins, reduction of water retention and cellulite.


• Wraps by the integrated “steam control” system with an electronic thermostat to set the temperature from 35 to 45°C (+/- 2°C) and feed-in of the right amount of steam for effective perspiration.

• Affusion spray through low-output sprinklers (2 litres/mn) and integrated rinser shower.

• Aromatherapy: a dosing pump to inject essential oils or other fluid extracts directly into the steam circuit.

• Chromotherapy (option): 6 colours diffused through nozzles either side of the bed. Directed towards the dome, they induce an effect on the entire body of the person in therapy.



The transparent cover prevents any sensation of claustrophobia
The electrically-operated cover (option) is highly convenient and easy to use for the therapist, and its emergency opening system ensures full safety for the patient who can work it from the inside by a “push button”. The transparent cover in thermoformed acrylic 8 mm thick is extremely easy to clean and incredibly strong.

Other exclusive features:
Affusion spray post specially designed with sprinklers combining efficiency with low water consumption (2 litres/mn per sprinkler).
You will also like the step.
They are easy to clean (smooth surface) and exceptionally good-looking.