Rehabilitation bath Quatuor

Rehabilitation bath QUATUOR

QUATUOR and A’QUATRO are the worthy descents of the very first rehabilitation bath created by BLOUNT in 1924, based on the famous drawing of Leonard de Vinci.

The use of sanitary acrylic for the thermoformed shell, a butterfly shape that makes circumduction, abduction and decubitus movement possible, deep invagination with an ideal position of the therapist, a limited water quantity (1500 litres) that is renewed within 20 minutes… These assets make it the basis for a professional hydrotherapy center equipment.

Regarding the shape, a cutting edge technology, where automatic hydromassages, with power and direction adjustments, and the bubbling baths are combined with a high quality heating/filtering system.. With this rehabilitation bath, the hydrotherapy becomes essential. Mastering design and manufacturing processes, SOMETHY brings to this therapy the modern touch that each and every therapist was waiting for.

The QUATUOR bath, similar to the A’QUATRO regarding treatment possibilities , is different regarding inverted hydraulicity filtering system. Highly recommanded for hospital structures and for centers with high attendance, the QUATUOR is different from the A’QUATRO with its perimetrical overflow gutters and its buffer tank.

The water treatment meets the most drastic hygiene requirements, and ensures the therapist to have a length ahead regarding sanitary normes.