Rehabilitation bath Mobilispa

Rehabilitation bath MOBILISPA

The « MOBILISPA » SPA, unic on the market, was designed and developped by SOMETHY’s R&D department. It is specifically adapted to disabled people. Indeed, MOBILISPA includes a lift system that carries the disabled person from his bed (for instance) to the spa, without any other handling process.There is a specific thermoformed seat for them to enjoy the SPA like everyone.

Technical features

4 seats + 1 adapted to disabled persons

Dimensions: 2250x2470x850mm

Water capacity: 920L

Skimmer filtering system, 1 independent pump

51 hydromassage and air injectors

1 massage pump

1 electric heater – 3kW

1 heating blower 1.6 Cv

Colortherapy light and multi-LEDS.