Essential equipment allowing the wash of the patients and most of the hygienic daily care, the PRATIC’ DOUCHE is mobile. It is equipped with a variable height technical tray.
PRATIC’ DOUCHE consists of a mobile frame in 4 directional and easy to lock roulettes, on which adapts itself the system of regulation of the height protected by a removable crankcase. The regulation of the height activated by foot pumping on two twin pedals situated on both sides by the frame (PRATIC’ DOUCH TO HYDRAULICS) or through a case of remote control activating a powerful hydraulic jack fed by a battery without maintenance, refillable (PRATIC’ DOUCHE electric).

On the top of the frame is solidly fixed a composite made tray, easy to wash and desinfect.

In the periphery of the tray, 4 side rails in stainless tube are fixed. 2 side side rails are reclining thanks to a simple and reliable hinge.

On this tray a flexible PVC tub is installed.. This tub is realized in 5 foam blocks dense (the bottom and 4 sides relevables), dressed and interconnected by a robust cover PVC welded. Comfortable and perfectly tight, the shower tray so established(constituted) is equipped with a thorough bung(plug) with which is connected a semi-stiff pipe of sewage disposal. The pipe provided with a hook, finding its place on one of the side rails, will be connected(bound) during the care with the network of evacuation of the center (or in the optional vidoir)

Tableau de Commandes

Composé d’un élégant pupitre mural en composite, facilement nettoyable et décontaminable, le tableau de commande du PRATIC’DOUCHE est équipé d’un mitigeur thermostatique avec dispositif antibrulûres, d’une vanne d’arrêt, d’une douchette de lavage, d’un manomètre de pression d’eau, d’un thermomètre de contrôle et d’un ensemble hygiopital pour le nettoyage et la désinfection


Un entretien aisé

Les matériaux utilisés dans la fabrication du chariot mobile PRATIC’DOUCHE, inox, bâche de PVC et matériaux composites sont faciles à entretenir. La légère inclinaison du plateau technique du chariot PRATIC’DOUCHE accélère la vidange des eaux usées et participe à l’ergonomie de l’ensemble.